2015 in review


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Aula konser di Sydney Opera House menampung 2.700 orang. Blog ini telah dilihat sekitar 39.000 kali di 2015. Jika itu adalah konser di Sydney Opera House, dibutuhkan sekitar 14 penampilan terlaris bagi orang sebanyak itu untuk menontonnya.

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#APoemADay: Seconds

She sits there

She is clueless

She wanted to cry

But she has lost her power


She just stare

She saw all the mess

She wanted to clean it up

But again, she has lost her power


Then she saw her minor moves peculiar

The minor makes her first stand

That is the second everything turns bright

And the seconds she hug the minor

Everything got better

#APoemADay: Magic

It’s coming! It’s coming!

I can feel it, it’s coming

Give me some drugs, she said

I’m so in pain


She screamed

She groaned

She sobbed withstand the pain


There are no drugs to cure her ache

She must stand it by herself

Even it’s ripping her life

She must


Then a sound emerged from her groin

A loud cry from a tiny throat

She saw the source of the sound

And she wept again, with joy


I ask her would she do this again?

Yes, she said

Yes, I will willingly ripped my life again for this