That Mother Thingy

Tonight, for the first time I felt that mother thingy: you saw your baby is in danger, then you run to your baby to save her, and forget about everything else.

Well, the dangerous thing which happened to my baby was nyusruk from kasur. She didn’t cry, or to be exact, she can not cry, because half of her face is on floor. Her hand is kejepit her own body so she can not lift her body by herself. Her pose reminds me to one of those exorcist gesture.

When it happened I was in the kitchen, cooking nasi goreng. I wanted to scream to express my panic, but I didn’t remember how to. All I know is my baby needs me.

So I gendong her. My heart beats very fast. Amazingly, she is fine. She only had merah-merah around her cheek and her jidat that nempel to the floor. When my panic phase is over, I looked around and I saw my pegangan kuali is on the bed. I think I threw it accidentally there. And I saw my nasi goreng stood there silently with my husband who went silent too.

Moral of the story: if you can not use english properly, write on bahasa Indonesia instead. – with Wahyu

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